Unfortunately, one of the attachment for wearing elastics gum had come off. I have to reserve orthodontic for repairing that one, but in next week I don’t know I can visit the dentist.

And the situation of one of tooth that didn’t move along with aligner shape has not move, no change from last week. I didn’t know that status is good for me. I’m a little worried.

Finally, I moved to a third box that includes aligners from #32 to #47. Now, lower teeth is great condition, its almost likely perfect dentition, as far as I can see. I have a problem on one of my tooth that has to rotate a little. That is not good progress of moving or rotating. But I decided to make a changing timing for my aligner 3 days. Of course I’m using PBM Healing. I think that recreating aligners is inevitable. And I have a problem with a tooth, so that is good for short term for changing because other teeth is good progress for moving.

Continuous to writing like this blog is tough for not native english speaker. Ok, I’d like to write some topics for me wearing Invisalign. First, I believe that I had to recreate my aligners due to not to fit on one of my tooth, but at this time my aligners…

Last week I went to dentist, and doctor say that one of my teeth isn’t a little bit much with aligner. Because Invisalign is not good at moving with rotation of teeth. I changed my aligner changing timing to 4day and carefully check that aligner is not floating on my teeth. But that one is not visible from my eye due to location of my mouth.

Today is the check day at my dentist, almost all of moving my teeth are good. But unfortunately one of that is not good situation, because Invisalign is not good for spinning moving. So now I don’t recreate my aligners, but sometime I’m sure I will have to do.

I changed my aligner changing time to 3day with using PBM Healing. That is suitable for my teeth that changing time. I spend 3 month without using PBM Healing, that was too long to change my aligner. But at this time 3days changing is comfortable for me. Without using PBM Healing, I felt that was very long so I decided to buy PBM Healing. That was great choice for me.

After using BPM Healing, I feel the changing timing of my aligner is a little bit fast. So I have to write some topics at here in English in short terms. Actually I realize that it is good for me improving writing skill for English everyday using like twitter and other SNS platform. I don’t have many opportunity to write English, so I decided to write some memo at here in English.

I switched my aligner from #16 to #17. 4days changing is good for me. I have no topic of my aligner. If it is possible I’d like to change day 4 to day3 of changing my aligner. I’ll visit the dentist at last this month. I’ll ask them which changing time is good for me.

I forgot to post when I changed to #15, because I started to use PMB Healing and changing time was changed. So, now changing time is 4 days for my aligner. Great. Very short terms.

Before I used PBM Healing, I wonder that it would be effective for my teeth to moving fast with wearing aligners. But actually it is working! I can’t understand like this kind of bio techs, but that’s great!

Finally, I bought BPM Healing form my dentist. Very expensive, but I wouldn’t regret to buy it. Now the changing time for my aligners is 4days interval. How short terms! One week to change aligners made me feel very long a week. I have to note that changing aligner day is not Monday like before, I’d like to check the app for orthodontic.


English learner wearing invisalign

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