Aligner #25 to #30

Continuous to writing like this blog is tough for not native english speaker. Ok, I’d like to write some topics for me wearing Invisalign. First, I believe that I had to recreate my aligners due to not to fit on one of my tooth, but at this time my aligners don’t recreate. So today I went to my orthodontic and doctor checked my progress for wearing aligners, he said that was good moving for regarding at the first plan, but one of my tooth have to rotate that is not good for using Invisalign. That is the reason I thought my aligners had to recreate. But actually he decided to wait and see for the end of rotating progress.

Next topics is my pbm healing was broken. Unfortunately, that had very high hot situating while using and shutdown. Fortunately, my orthodontic changed that one without no reason, of course that free exchanging is included when I bought that one. I’d like to use more carefully.