Week 0: Starting of Invisalign in Japan

Due to Covid’19, that is no easy to spend a daily life also even in Japan. But I decided to try to start Invisalign. Actually, I would like to start that at April 2020, but unfortunately that was difficult for us to go to dentists. But I start the Invisalign at this time, actually, I don’t know that is good timing for me.

I don’t know that I’ll be able to continue to write my story of Invisalign, but I would like to write my experience and my daily life with Invisalign once a week. My motivation of writing here is improving my English skills, using to share my experience of my Invisalign progress. So I don’t want to share where would be good for you to go for the orthodontics in Japan and I also can’t recommend for you like that.


English learner wearing invisalign